• Thursday, November 25, 2021

Black Friday (Or black days) is upon us!

This year we have not one, but two offerings for you all to celebrate Black Friday 2021!

black10 - This code will unlock a recurring 10% discount on your service, pick a server and get 10% off for life(!)

blackdouble - Use this code to unlock double up on your outgoing bandwidth allocation per month on our servers with Leaseweb in Amsterdam or at NFOrce!


Another thing is that throughout the next days, we'll be posting one off promotions (Limited stock items) and we will also be doing giveaways, so stay tuned on the discord server!

*The promo codes cannot be applied to existing products, please also note that no help will be offered to move content/data to new promo nodes.

*Please note that the offerings are valid only until Sunday the 28th and only while we have stock available.

*Please also expect a slightly longer setup time, be aware that some machines have longer delivery time than others, we will make sure that is noted on the product overview.

Visit our website to see our offerings! https://walkerservers.com

Best regards
team walkerservers.com