• Friday, January 21, 2022

As I am sure you all have noticed, then over the past few months energy pricing in Europe have increased quite dramatically.

Up until now, there's been no changes from the datacenters where we source servers, unfortunately time has come and changes are coming - I have been informed of price increases from both Hetzner and Leaseweb

I have been working on getting the best rates during this period, I have succeeded fairly decently but im afraid that prices are going to have to go up.

At Hetzner - There's 3 products that are going to be affected by this:


i7-2600, 16GB, 2x3TB which was €35 - Moving forward this machine will be €36.95 per month

i7-2600, 16GB, 2x4TB which was €39 - Moving forward this machine will be €40.95 per month


i7-2600, 16GB, 2x480GB SSD - This package will expire and will, for now no longer be purchaseable - I expect this to come back once the market has stabilized slightly.


Please note that there are potentially more price increases coming from Hetzner, but for now this is the ones I have been informed about and therefore the ones I can act on.


At Leaseweb im afraid we are going to see larger changes, with changes coming across all packages!

We are going to adjust the prices on the 15th of February for all current services! 

The noted prices below will take affect on new orders but also on all current clients (I really wish I could do it in any other way, but there's simply no room for that)


We will retire the 2x2TB machine from orders starting from today, this model will not get restocked - Unfortunately due to the power increases this model is also the one that are hit the most, this means moving forward

the price on this model is going to go up to €28.95 per month.


The 1230, 16G, 4x2TB machine will go up in price at €32.95 per month


All of the remaining packages with Leaseweb will get a price increase of €1.75 per month!


I know news like this are not what we are all used to, I wish the circumstances were different but im afraid that the increases are market wide and I/we have to act on this to ensure we are here in the future aswell!