How to install X2GO on the Mediabox

X2GO is an alternative for VNC. Which allows you to access a Desktop Environment over SSH. 
Installation is easy, in this guide we will cover both the server and the desktop side of the setup.

Server side:

SSH into your mediabox (SSH Guide link) and run the following command to install x2go, this can take some time but will eventually finish:

sudo box install x2go

This is all you have to do on the server.

Client side:

  1. First we need to download the X2GO client for the system you are using. Follow this link on to the X2GO Wiki to find the client for your operating system and how to install it.
  2. Open up the X2GO client and it should ask you to create a new session. Fill the following items in:
    Session Name: This is an identifier for the server.
    Host: Domain or IP Address
    Username: Your SSH/Swizzin Username
    Session Type: XFCE

  3. After you have clicked on OK a new block will show up on the right side of the X2GO application.
  4. After you click on this block you will see an login window where you login with the same credentials as you use for SSH.
  5. If you get a pop-up about the first start of panel, choose Use default config, after this your setup and running with x2go. Now you can use the terminal to install any application you want.
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